Finally, there is a show dedicated to the everyday listener. Your Voice Matters is a show dedicated to the Humanitarian Heart. This wrenching show deals with people with issues and points of view that affect every human being.

No matter what color, religion, race, creed, gender, sex, age, occupation, political party, education or economic status, everyone at some time is affected by some social issue personally, they know of situation with a family member or friend, or they’re passionate about helping balance social injustices such as homelessness, hunger, or law.  If you can relate to this then this is the show for you. Nobody else may care but we do.

OUR MISSION:  To bring into focus the matters of humanity BRINGING communities together to do more than just talk, but to give back. We want to talk about issues that affects us all with hopes of reaching plausible solutions.  In other words, we want to be the show that GIVES BACK!


OUR OBJECTIVE: In our presentation we use positive imagery  to present what could be, the opposite of what other media portrays. Our imagery is to display hopefulness, faith, possibility. It is what is needed during this time of uncertainty, isolation, and social paralyzation.  Therefore, it will be the ambitions of this show to broadcast, present and show thru all its forms of media outlets the core values of everyday people of all walks of life that has something to offer humanity value for the day.


OUR METHODOLOGY: A traveling show. You never know where Dr. Dré the creator, producer, and host of this show may end up.  After all, humanity is everywhere though the show originates straight “Outta the ATL!” headquarters of broadcast and birthplace of the creative concept. The show will be delivered globally and will include stories from around the world.

INVITATION TO RESPOND: We’re looking for stories and guests. Remember, YOUR VOICE MATTERS!



General topics we want to discuss and stories we want to tell:

  • Homelessness

  • Special needs and disabilities

  • Health challenges

  • Family challenges, i.e. single parent, dysfunctional families

  • Employment injustices and joblessness

  • Hunger and food insecurity

  • Mental illness

  • Legal inequity and lack of access

  • Other social injustices

To break the solemn mood, there will be entertainment and highlights of organizations and special people in the fight to right the wrongs of humanity. You could be one of them.

If it matters to you, it matters to us because YOUR VOICE MATTERS!