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Elise is driven by her passion to impart to all businesses the key elements to building a very large enterprise. She has seen it with her family’s business empire and has experienced it when she held key positions in companies like the Hilton Hotels.

For over twenty years Elise has helped companies grow setting up the most basic financial systems to more complicated areas of finance and corporate structuring. To date she continues to work closely with individuals and companies to ensure that her mission is carried out, while embarking on a new direction toward inspiring companies to “give back” as they grow. She is currently creating charities for businesses believing that for a business to last, it must become an integral part of the community and a driving force for a cause.

Her clients come from various industries and are of different sizes. Her commitment is to help a company who has the right mind set for growth and a willingness to apply time-tested financial & business principles. And as the business environment is rapidly changing, competition is becoming more ferocious, one’s ability to adapt, reinvent itself and thrive is of absolute importance.

Elise knows that an entrepreneur’s vision is only as good as his/her strategy for execution. “Everyone has a dream, everyone is passionate about something, but a dream can only become reality with the right structure and business systems to carry it out” she always says.

Constantly seeing the mistakes companies commit that erode prospects of lasting growth, Elise has built Kirkland Financial to help companies avoid these traps and stay a step ahead.

Here at The City of Life Foundation, Inc. we are happy to have her, her team of experts, as our director of sponsorships, partnerships and investors.  She is ours and your contact person to get involved in one of the biggest humanitarian campaigns, Television and Show shows of this 21st century.  Feel free to contact her directly by email for further information at, 


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