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Ms. Oprah & Bishop Dr. Dre

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BISHOP ANDRÉ A. R. WILLIS, aka Dr. Dré "The Biking Bishop”, is a native of Buffalo, New York and is a Viet Nam veteran.  He has more than 30 years in entertainment experience, is a book author, musician, writer, composer, arranger, former manager for the legendary Rock N Roll Star “Little Richard” and is famously known as “The Biking Bishop.” He got that name because he has covered 7000+ miles on his bike, bringing attention to injustices and plights of the underserved and otherwise ‘invisible’ and forgotten citizens, often thought of less than, if thought of at all.

 Dr, Dré has shared the stage with icon Oprah Winfrey (top of page as a guest when he was invited on her show after completing what was then 2500 miles on his 10 speed bike, all in the sake for humanity. Before COVID-19, he had traveled 7,000 miles with a crew documenting his journey. It does not end there as he will be returning to the highways and backroads once again as soon as it is reasonably safe from the spread of the deadly virus.

His autobiography Been There, Done Dat…Got the T-Shirt is coming to the big screen later 2021-22. Meanwhile, the executive and humanitarian is in production with his own TV Show Where Is the Biking Bishop Today Show. He is a featured co-host on the Number 1 live streaming radio show InRadio w/Virginia Holland-Davis and host of his own radio show Your Voice Matters hosted by Bishop Dr. Dré and co-host KT Thompson.

He was dubbed “Wolfman” by one of his producers because his natural voice is reminiscent of the renowned radio and entertainment man himself, Wolfman Jack. His outlook on even the most serious of subjects and quick wit has made him a fan favorite with the WPGR audience. He brings nothing but joy to an otherwise ordinary day, which is his mission. Fans will have the opportunity to call in via multiple communicative means -  Zoom, Skype, Facebook, and even old-fashioned phone-in as his radio show will be interactive.  His television show will be broadcast globally on the largest streaming TV network in the northern hemisphere, Roku and other platforms.

If you care about humanity, you will care about listening to and viewing shows featuring Dr. Dré. Check his fan page for listings of his radio show, Your Voice Matters, his TV show Outta the ATL… Where is the Biking Bishop Today, and purchase his autobiographical book, Been There Done Dat… Got the T-Shirt.